Stadiometer for Child & Adult Mobile Use

Model No. PRESTIGE HM 006 A

Features :

  • The stadiometer is particularly suitable for mobile use.
  • For measuring children and teenagers in the course of medical examinations at schools.
  • The measuring rod which can be dismantled into several pieces is easy to transport.
  • Having a large size measurement reading window on both the sides of the measuring rod for easy readout.
  • Moveable horizontal headpiece that can be brought into contact with the superior part of the head.
  • A wide and stable base made of Metal.
  • Readable in mm, cm, inches.
  • Available with a carry bag.

Specification : 

Measuring Range : [in. cm.]  : 0-210cm.

Graduation : 1 mm

Water level indicator : Available

Material : Aluminium

Functions : Mobile Measuring