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  Model No. EB 6571
Model No. EB 8671
Model No. EF 221BW
Model No.EF 411BW
  Prestige (HM -001)
Prestige Deluxe (HM - 003)
BR 707

Diamond DX
  Model No: WS001
Model No: WS002
Model No: WS035
Model No: HM008A
Model No: WS003
Model No: WS004
Model No: WS005
Model No: WS005

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  Professional Personal Weighing Scale  
  Model No: EK 4052
Model No: WS0031
Model No: WS0032
Model No: WS0033
Model No: WS0034
  Model No: WS007
Model No: WS008
  Infanto Meter Model No: WS0012
Floor Model Height Scale Model No: WS0010

Floor Model Height Scale Model No: WS0011
  Sauna Scale